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Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles for Sale near Roseville, CA

Learn About Our Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

People are always a little leery about buying a used car. However, with our inventory of certified pre-owned vehicles for sale near Roseville, CA, you can put your fears at rest. Keep on reading to learn more about what it means to get a certified pre-owned car and what we offer with it here at INFINITI of Elk Grove.

Being titled certified pre-owned means that the vehicles were formerly owned but remain in ship-shape condition. Usually these vehicles have been treated with the utmost care and have low mileage. We only include vehicles that are not older than six years and have a wear-and-tear of under 70,000 miles. We also factor in that they haven’t undergone any major accidents or bodywork.

The advantages of opting for one of the certified pre-owned vehicles for sale near Roseville, CA, is that you get a car that is almost brand-new at a fraction of the cost, which is especially a perk when it comes to getting a luxury vehicle such as those offered by INFINITI. All of our vehicles in our certified pre-owned inventory have been thoroughly and rigorously inspected by our specially trained INFINITI technicians, and we also provide a limited warranty, which covers over 600 components including engine, transmission, and drivetrain. In addition, any parts that may need to be replaced shall be furnished with new or remanufactured replacement parts manufactured by or for INFINITI1. We also offer the Elite™ INFINITI Extended Protection Plan2, which provides additional coverage for electrical, audio/video/navigation, suspension, steering, climate control system, and brakes. Finally, upon buying your certified pre-owned INFINITI vehicle, you’ll get a complimentary First Year Basic Maintenance3, plus a CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™ and a CARFAX® 3-year Buy Back Guarantee.

As you can see, with a certified pre-owned vehicle, we do all the hard work for you, so you won’t have to double guess whether the car you’re getting is in good condition, nor will you have to take it to your mechanic for a revision. Not only do we provide you peace of mind, we do it professionally and we back up our work. You’ll enjoy warranties almost as if you had gotten a brand-new car. And, best of all, you get to drive a luxury vehicle without breaking the bank.

Hesitate no longer! Come on over to INFINITI of Elk Grove to see our inventory of certified pre-owned vehicles for sale near Roseville, CA, and drive away with one in no time. We are conveniently located at 8586 Laguna Grove Drive in Elk Grove, CA.

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1. If a part is not available from INFINITI, INFINITI may authorize an outside sourced part of like and kind and quality to be used in the repair.

2. See your local INFINITI Retailer for details and read the warranty booklet or extended protection plan.

3. For model year 2015 and prior, Basic Maintanence includes 2 - Oil & Filter Changes, plus 2 - Tire Rotations (as applicable) within the first 12 months of your CPO vehicle purchase. Beginning with some model year 2016 models and newer. Basic Maintenance includes 1 - Oil & Filter Change, plus 2 - Tire Rotations (as applicable) within the first 12 months of your CPO vehicle purchase. Please consult recommended maintenance schedule for more details as Basic Maintenance differs by vehicle and model year.