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INFINITI Oil Change Service near Sacramento, CA


Keep Your INFINITI Running Great with Regular Oil Changes

Regular maintenance on your INFINITI is essential, though it can sometimes go overlooked with your busy schedule. That’s why INFINITI of Elk Grove is here to let you know about our INFINITI oil change service near Sacramento, CA. To keep your INFINITI running smoothly with excellent performance every time you’re on the road, be sure to schedule an oil change at your local Sacramento INFINITI dealer.

Oil plays a pivotal role in the performance and life of your INFINITI, not matter which model you’re driving. Every time you’re behind the wheel of your vehicle, your oil is making sure everything is running smoothly. There’s a lot going on in the engine of your INFINITI, and oil does its part to make sure that eveything is lubricated and keeps friction to a minimum. A lot of heat is generated by your engine, and oil is a great conductor that transfers that heat away from your engine.

Over time, oil loses some of these characteristics and becomes less effective, which is why regularly scheduled oil and oil filter changes are essential to keep your INFINITI running at its best. With everything going on under the hood, you should know the importance of scheduling an appointment and take advantage our INFINITI oil change service near Sacramento, CA, before it's too late.

The amount of time between oil changes is often debated, with the industry standard being every three months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first. However, upgrades in technology and auto manufacturing have extended this time frame, and luxury vehicles often have a greater amount of time between oil changes. The standard oil change interval for many INFINITI luxury vehicles is every three months or 3,750 miles, but be sure to check your Owner’s Manual for the exact oil change interval information.

Of course, this all depends on how you drive your INFINITI. If you mostly drive at highway speeds when the weather is beautiful, you can probably go a little longer between oil changes. However, if you’re like many drivers on the road, you’ll be dealing with stop-and-go traffic and low speeds. Urban areas also tend to have a lot of pollutants like smog, dirt, and dust, which can wreak havoc on your oil filter. If you’re not an everyday driver, or only take short trips around town, this also lessens the effectiveness of your oil.

To learn more about our oil change service near Sacramento, CA, as well as other money-saving Service Department offers and coupons, be sure to contact INFINITI of Elk Grove. You can give us a call at 877-977-4810, or stop by our dealership at 8586 Laguna Grove Drive, just off Route 99 in Elk Grove, CA.